Sunday, November 23, 2008


I flew out to the east coast again this year. This time to Princeton, NJ for another work conference. We stayed at the historic Nassau Inn during the week which is located in the middle of downtown (Palmer Square) and right across the street from Princeton University. I very much so enjoy visiting and touring around different college campuses, and Princeton is definitely a beautiful one.

Some of the highlights of Princeton: First night i had some of the best pizza I have ever eaten at Teresa's Cafe. It had wild mushrooms, hot italian sausage, and smoked gouda on a white sauce. Wednesday night I attended a volleyball game of the Princeton Tigers vs. Penn. I also enjoyed hanging out at the Frist Center (student union) and wondering how intelligent these students must be. I tried to find the institute class there, but was unsuccessful. It seemed like everywhere I looked around campus the architecture of the buildings looked very gothic and castle like. I bet it's even more beautiful there in spring and autumn.

New York 11-18-08
I also was able to get away for a half-day trip to New York City to celebrate my birthday! I took an hour train ride up to the city. I arrived at Madison Square Garden and walked up Broadway, through Central Park, and up to the Met museum of art, before I headed back down along 5th avenue to midtown. Jared and Debi Lee took me out for dinner to this cool little place, Kashkaval, where we ate cheese and bread and fondue. It was certainly a cold day but the weather was not too bad.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Photo

I wanted to add a recent photo of my family for those interested to see everyone growing up. This was taken at Nate and Melissa's wedding in Rexburg in August.
Dad and Mom. Ben, Lindsy and baby Carter. Nate and Melissa. Me, Noah, Jakob, Jeremiah, and Johanna.