Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness: NCAA Tournament 2010

BYU! BYU! BYU! Double overtime in the Ford Center in Oklahoma City. The last time the University of Florida had played in the tourney they won the NCAA championship. 3rd row seats behind the bench. Amazing. So happy for Noah, Jimmer, Michael "Jordan" Lloyd, and the rest of the team. Loudest I have yelled probably ever. Jo's poster and mom's t-shirts got us on tv all throughout the game. Totally worth changing my flight to leave a day early, and waking up around 3am to travel from DC to OKC and get to my seat just as the player starters were announced.

We were able to return for the 2nd round session at the Ford Center, even after Friday's 70 degree weather turned into near blizzard conditions on Saturday in Oklahoma. Before the BYU-Kansas State game tipped off, we witnessed the biggest upset of the tournament so far, with Northern Iowa knocking off the big boys of Kansas. Although BYU lost, they fought hard.

Washington DC

Our annual ARM Science Team Meeting (now ASR) was held just north of Washington DC this week. I was only able to escape for a few hours to check out the sites. Also got to see a few friends while I was out there. It went by pretty quickly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Dream Weekend Getaway: San Diego!

I woke up early Friday morning to snow in OKC. Jumped on the airplane and landed a few hours later in beautiful sunny San Diego. It was so nice to transition from winter to spring in no time. And not only was I thrilled to be spending my extended weekend in paradise, I was lucky enough to be spending it with a good friend. It was a great adventure.

A few highlights from my trip:
- Walking tour of Coronado Island
- The world famous San Diego Zoo
- Riding bikes in the California rain
- Walking along Moonlight Beach in Encinitas (tsunami advisory=big waves)
- Going to church at one of the most gorgeous LDS church buildings with an open courtyard and an ocean view (Cardiff By Sea)
- Driveway game of HORSE
- Playing basketball with her brothers and dad (fun though not quite the enjoyment I get as with playing with my brothers)
-Watching movies, BYU basketball, olympic closing ceremonies- Good food galore. Fresh baked bread every morning. Just picked, sun-kissed strawberries. A delectable spread of home-made dinner every night.
- A walk along the harbor in downtown S.D. and lunch in Little Italy

Ms. February brought a renewed hope and happiness in my life. Mr. March decided to crush all that. What else does 2010 have in store for me?

Maybe it was just a dream...