Thursday, May 31, 2012

Salt Lake City, Volleyball Nationals

For the fourth year in a row, I have traveled over the memorial day weekend to play in the USA volleyball adult nationals with a team from Oklahoma. This year the tournament was held in SLC-UTAH! One of my favorite cities in America and so nice to return to a place I used to live. I don't know why I ever left. (although I do know some of the reasons the Lord had me return to Okie land)

The weekend was fun, even though I hurt my calf during our first match and had to sit out for awhile because I couldn't jump, or walk. We ended up on a nice run on the last day, playing in the finals of our bracket, though losing to the Russians 13-15 in the 3rd set. On our off time I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked, but still enjoyed my time. The weather was chilly, a nice relief from the oklahoma heat, and started warming up more towards the end of the trip. The storm system affecting Utah over the weekend worked its way over to OK about the same time I had to fly back. The flight from DFW to Tulsa was interesting, to say the least. At least we had a nice lightning show and sweet views of some cumulonimbus clouds.


Salt Palace

Little America Hotel Pool

Fountains at City Creek!

Gave my teammates a tour of temple square :)

Bee's Game!

I miss the mountains

Thursday, May 24, 2012

His Grace Is Sufficient

A good friend and mentor of mine shared this video with me of a devotional given at BYU last summer by Brad Wilcox on the subject of the Grace of Jesus Christ. It is incredible and powerful, and I recommend all to watch it.

Exerpts from the talk

You can watch the message in its entirety here:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's late spring in Oklahoma and the Thunder is rollin'! (Both in the NBA and atmosphere :)

Jimmer got us tickets to the Kings game in OKC last week. Great seats, good game and fun times with my dad, sister and little brother.

Then this week I got playoff tickets for Game 2 and the games here have been INTENSE! Coming off the weekend game in which the Thunder won on Kevin Durant's 'no look' shot in the final seconds, I was hoping our team would win by a more comfortable margin this time... and it almost looked like they would after going up 16 in the 2nd quarter, but then Dirk took over. The crowd was into the game almost the entire time, especially after the altercation between Perkins and Dirk, and the run sparked by Fisher and James Harden to end the 1st. It got so loud in there. By the end I was worn out and so relieved when Harden hit the final 4 free-throws and Dallas missed a couple of open shots to end the game. Then afterwards running back to our cars after the game at midnight, through rain and lightning and thunder: so fitting and soooo EXCITING! So much fun and a special thanks to my friend Lizzie who came with me :)

View from our upper row seats!