Saturday, February 4, 2012

Same town, New Place

I moved again into a new place at the beginning of the year. After a few struggles, I've been able to settle in. There are many things that got me interested in this new place and I'm excited to have. Its not perfect, but I like it for now. It's a one bedroom condo/duplex on the outskirts of town. I like the rural setting and even have a fenced in backyard! Also have a covered front porch and a real mailbox. I can jump around (workout) inside my home because no one lives underneath me. I have my own washer/dryer in the walk-in closet area. All new appliances (new construction) and nice countertops. Inspired a bit more decorating. The unit has its own water-heater so no more crazy cold/hot changes in the shower. And I welcomed a few friends over last night for a house warming party. That was nice.