Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Coaching Again?

Wasn't sure if I would be coaching again this year, but one more year was calling out to me. And it was probably good that I did. With the head coach stepping down 3 weeks before the season began, and the new coach being able to attend practices a few days before the first game, I was able to run the program during the transition. I got to put all my ideas into practice and push the girls to prepare. They are a great group of girls. Good luck to the Varsity this year and I get to take over my JV team again to work hard and have fun!

PS. Had a good start to the season with our first game. It's nice to get a win after all the hard work.
PSS. This is also my sister's senior season of volleyball. The only time we would get to see her team in a game would be at the state tournament. But hopefully I'll get to catch a few of her games.