Friday, October 10, 2008

First Year Coaching

We just finished our 2008 High School season last night with a loss at Regionals. I never thought I would be coaching in high school, especially for girls volleyball, but it was a great experience. I definitely learned a lot of things as I tried to teach, motivate, encourage and just have fun with the girls. Most of my time and effort was spent with the 8th graders, but I also served as an assistant with the Varsity and JV teams.
Here's a photo of me with my Ponca City 8th grade girls after they took 2nd place in the Bartlesville Tournament. It's not what's on the front of your jersey, but what is in your heart that matters.

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Lindsy Hartsock said...

Don't be hard on yourself for you first year. Coaching is always kinda hard, but the first year is especially challenging. Your team is so cute and I'm sure you taught them a ton of really good stuff. It was fun to see a picture. I liked your comment about it's what's in the heart that matters. Congrats on making it through your first year :)