Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Cruise!

During the first week of June I went on a cruise on Royal Caribbean with my whole family! It was such a fun experience. We departed from Los Angeles and cruised up the Pacific coast to San Francisco, Victoria, and Seattle. We all met up Saturday evening and stayed at a hotel near the port. Then after going through a few lines Sunday got onto the ship and headed straight for the food. There were many highlights on the cruise. The port-0f-calls were fun to visit. First time in San Francisco and Canada (Victoria, BC), and Seattle is always nice...when it isn't raining. Actually our two best weather days were in Seattle and Canada: 80's and sunny! The food was also great, from the cafe promenade to the windjammer buffet and the evening dinners in the dining hall. I also enjoyed the many shows around the ship, especially the game shows with guest participants. The best crew-cast show I thought was the ice skating show - under the big top. And it was great to just be around my family and enjoy their company and see how weird they can be sometimes. haha.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! looks like it was a good time for a cruise. Maybe someday I will go on one too.

Michele said...

Yup that's where we're at for the summer! Good old San Francisco. Glad to see you're enjoying life! :) That'd be fun to go on a cruise!

Sarah said...

how fun is that?! family time and cruise time, too. I still want to go on a cruise SOME time in my life, but haven't figured out how badly I want it. You only get so many vacations a year, you know? glad you had a good time!