Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colorado and Utah

I went to Boulder Colorado for work meetings in September. I love being able to travel for work and explore new cities, especially those in the mountains near a university town! Besides the usual meetings to attend during the day, I found some fun activities to do in the evenings. FHE at the CU institute. Walking along the Boulder Creek pathway up to the mouth of the canyon. Visiting with a good friend from BYU and her children. Walking downtown Pearl Street and eating out along the strip. Exploring the beautiful campus of CU.

Afterwards, I took a side trip to Utah to visit my brothers, old friends and everything great about Utah. It's nice when Southwest is having their special deals on airfare and things worked out perfectly. I spent about 5 days there:
Friday after flying in I went up to Jake's house in Kaysville (a former SLC roomate). We had a blast roasting hotdogs and marshmellows outside over a fire with his family and then playing glow in the dark croquet with techno music in the background.
Saturday we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon up past the Alta Ski resort and hiked up to Cecret Lake. Perfect hiking weather for our nice little hike. I do miss the mountains. Then he dropped me off in Provo where I got together with Ben, Noah, and Jeremiah, along with Lindsay, Carter, and Kendalyn. Fun times in Provo.
Sunday I went to church with a friend. It is an amazing ward.. the BYU 41st.
Monday I went up to SLC to work on a few things at the U of U meteorology department. Also got me some Cafe Rio for lunch. Yum. Walked around Temple Square a bit. Took the TRAX and bus system. Got back for another fun FHE activity where we watched 'Forever Strong', the Utah Rugby movie.
Tuesday I spent some time on campus at BYU, seeing the new additions and reviewing past memories. We all went to Kendalyn's intramural volleyball game in the RB. Fun times. Wish I could go back to school at the Y, although I don't want to deal with all the homework or tests.
Wednesday I went on a fun date :)

I was sad to leave. But work and coaching were calling. Oklahoma is a familiar place, which is nice. But where do I belong?


deanna said...

What about Sammy's?

kmcbeth said...

Hey Dan, I have fun reading about your travels. I wish I was able to travel more. I miss Utah and can't wait to move there...I hope I can find a job there soon. Until then we will just have to make do with what we have. Hope all is well with you:)

Techno Kath said...

I do need to visit Utah myself again very soon. I'm going through (rare) mountain withdrawals, among other things.

Anonymous said...

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