Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I've been doing lately...

Someone asked for a blog update, so I thought today would be as good as any ;)
Still getting used to 2010. In reality, life continues as normal. But new adventures do await me this year (I hope). Here are a few things I've been up to lately:

Playing in the snow. Usually we might get 2 big winter storms across Oklahoma during the season. We are expecting our 3rd tomorrow. I took some free time to go ice skate in the streets.
I've also been forecasting for a field project at work. No I don't get to go up in the airplane to sample clouds. But I enjoy weather forecasting, even if it is just for cirrus clouds at the moment. I typically give a weather briefing in the morning to the lead scientists and pilots to determine where and when they want to fly.
I've also been enjoying watching (or listening to or game-casting) my brother #34 Noah play basketball for BYU. It's so fun to see him play and see how proud my family is of him. I would really like to attend a few games in the Marriott Center to watch him play and watch the crowd cheer for the cougars and watch Noah enjoy himself out on the floor.
Continuing on the basketball theme, I also went to another OKC Thunder game! This was the most fun game I've been to at the Ford Center. The atmosphere was electric most of the game and the Thunder are getting really good now! It's fun to watch, even if we were up in the back row of the upper deck. I picked this game so I could see Dwyane Wade play. One of my favorite current players. And it was also cool to have some of my friends coincidently end up in the same row as us! I also attended my first Big12 basketball conference game at OSU. It is a pretty good atmosphere, I must admit.

Other big news. I did it. I booked a plane ticket to Europe for May! Taking the trains through France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain for a few weeks with my friend Blake. It will be 10 years to the month I returned home from my mission to France/Geneva. I'm pretty excited.

Yesterday I coached again the OSU girls' club team at a tournament at TCU in Fort Worth, TX. They did great in pool play. It was awesome to see them having so much fun. And on another note, Texas is beginning to grow on me. I'm kind of torn now between wanting to live in the mountain west area and the land of Texas.


Lindsy Hartsock said...

I like the idea of texas too. I'm excited for you and your trip to Europe! That will be SO fun. I hope your vacation plans also include the windy city soon :)

RayRay said...

i'm jealous of your adventure filled life.

p.s. remember the alamo.

deanna said...

Busy! Busy! hooray for basketball and Europe.

Breeana said...

Hi Dan! That's so neat your brother plays for BYU. I hope you get to attend some of his games!

And I love Texas! We want to move there forever. :)

You're going to Europe?! Oh how FUN!!! Good for you!!! That will be such a treat for your ten-year anniversary.