Monday, May 24, 2010


Just wanted to post a few highlights of recent happenings.

April 22 - OKC THUNDER v. Lakers. First ever NBA Playoff game in Oklahoma! And I got to attend!! And the Thunder won!!! A sea of blue...

May 19 - Stillwater Tornado! Even though we are in tornado alley, a tornado hadn't touched down in Stillwater for over two decades. That all changed this month. Even though it turned out to be not a large tornado (thank goodness), the funnel still touched down on the north side of town and damaged a few things. This was a very slow moving storm (maybe 25 mph), and we had at least a half hour of warning time before the actual storm hit. Once the twister touched down just east of I-35 along highway 51, the sirens went off in Stillwater... and blared for 3o minutes straight. Of course, I had the tv turned up loud so I could hear them while I stood outside pretty much the whole time watching the progression of the storm (remember I live just one block south of HWY 51). Turned out there were definitely two areas of circulation near the hook of the super-cell. The one further north would put a funnel down for a bit then take it back up again. The one further south was the circulation which went right over our house and right over my head. I was just too excited and couldn't get myself to go inside. The clouds were swirling right there, but never seemed to be too organized, which was good. If i did see anything start to organized, I would probably have to race into my house down into the basement. But we were lucky, although it would have been cool to see a tornado.

April 1-3 - NIRSA Collegiate Club Volleyball Nationals (Dallas, TX). Coaching my OSU girls' last tournament of the season.

(I also got a new phone! The new HTC Droid Incredible)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! I found your blog while blog surfing. You sound like a great guy.

Dan Hartsock said...

Oh Thanks! ...anonymous

NewLDS said...

I'm the person who made the anonymous comment-- now I have a blog :)